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King Price has always been 1 to rock the boat. After all, we're the only insurer in Africa that offers super cheap premiums that decrease monthly. Now we also want to offer you super cheap insurance on watercraft cover too.

In a nutshell... By 'watercraft' we mean anything that is a motor- or ski boat, yacht, rowing boat or jet ski, including its hull, motor and machinery. That is, as long as it's only used for social, pleasure or domestic purposes, and you have a valid license, as required by law. Boat speedsters and racers, tow services, businesses and aqua-taxis are not covered here (or anywhere else for that matter).

So when you set sail for the great beyond, you'll be covered for loss or damage caused accidentally, or due to hi-jacking or theft. It will also be covered for damage caused by fire, earthquake, storm, flood, freezing or snow, as well as in the event of an explosion. Of course, we hope that nothing like this will ever happen, but if it does, we've got you covered.

Don't miss the boat on super cheap insurance that comes with the award-winning royal service you deserve. Click here for a quick, 2-step quote, or submit your details at the top of the page, and 1 of the king's sailors will give you a call back.