Refer a friend

It pays to have
friends (literally)

Refer friends and get up to N$10,000 credit

In a nutshell

Share the joy of simple cheap insurance with your friends. If you’re a King Price client, simply fill in your (and your
friend’s) details below. If they sign up, we’ll add the value of your friend’s monthly premium to your policy as a credit
towards your next debit order/s. Ka-ching!

Here’s an example

If you refer your friend to us and their premium is N$2,000 per month, and your premium is only N$1,000 per
month, your premium won’t be debited by us for 2 months, YAY!

Refer more, earn more!

Your details

Your friend's details

Our super important T's & C's

  • The friend you refer signs up for our insurance.
  • Your policy’s active and all your premiums are paid and up to date.

Your friend pays their first full premium (successfully) + 30 days.

  • The value of your credit will be equal to your friend’s first monthly premium, up to N$10,000.
  • We’ll credit your premium, we won’t pay any cash to you.
  • If you cancel your policy with us, before the full amount of the credit has been used by you, it will be forfeited.
  • You can refer as many friends as you like!
  • This offer is exclusively for King Price clients only.
  • If you’re a staff member, visit the intranet to refer your friends.
  • King Price reserves the right to claim for any damage, harm or loss arising from this permission not having been granted.