Refer a friend and save

Let's make the circle bigger

In a nutshell

Everyone should get to experience the joy of simple cheap insurance, including your buddies. So fill in your (and their) details below and we’ll credit an upcoming premium of yours with the value of their monthly premium, up to N$10,000, after they sign up! Ka-ching!

Your details

Your friend's details

Our super important T's & C's

  • The friend you refer signs up for our insurance.
  • Your policy’s active.

Your friend pays their first full premium + 30 days + number of days until your next debit date.

  • 1 x successful referral = 1 x monthly premium credited, up to N$10,000.
  • The value of your credit will be equal to your friend’s first monthly premium, up to N$10,000.
  • We’ll credit your premium; we won’t pay any cash to you.
  • We'll send you an SMS when your friend pays their first premium.
  • You can refer as many friends as you like!