Refer a friend and save!

Let's make the circle bigger

In a nutshell

Everyone should get to experience the joy of decreasing premiums. Including your buddies. So fill in your (and their) deets below and you could save up to N$500 on an upcoming premium! Ka-ching!

Your details

Your friend's details

Our super important T's & C's:

  • The friend who you've referred signs up and pays 1 full premium.
  • All your premiums are up to date.
  • Your policy is active.
  • The amount we'll pay for a successful referral is $N500, unless your monthly premium is less than $N500. In this case, we'll pay your premium amount.
  • 1 x successful referral = 1 x premium deduction.
  • We'll pay the referral amount 30 days after we receive 1 full premium from your friend.