Buildings insurance

Your home is your castle... The king gets that

In a nutshell

With the king's buildings insurance, you're covered for damage to the physical structures of your property, like your home and its outbuildings. Whether you're building castles in the sky, or choosing a good ol' rock for your future foundation… We've got you covered! Not only will you get the red-carpet, royal service that you deserve, but our buildings insurance cover will also give you complete peace of mind… While our simple cheap premiums put a smile on your face and cash in your pocket. Why pay more?

What we mean by ‘buildings’

The physical and permanent structures of the property, such as your home and its outbuildings, whether they’re separate from the property or not, at the address as noted on your policy schedule.

But wait, there's more... The king also covers all permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements like driveways, garages, walls and fences, patios, swimming pools along with their pumps, spa pumps, boreholes, gate motors, tennis courts and underground pipes and cables. Unfortunately, gravel paths and coverings, dams, dam walls, and pool cleaning equipment aren’t covered here.