Machinery breakdown insurance:

Deterioration of stock cover

Don't let deteriorating stock impair your business

In a nutshell

With King Price you won’t have any shortage of cover for what happens when the lights go out. You can trust us to be reliable… We’ll protect your business in the event of goods deterioration due to certain unplanned incidents.

  • The deterioration of goods, as noted on your policy schedule, inside the refrigeration chamber/s at your premises, from any event not specifically excluded.
  • Deterioration of goods due to unforeseen and sudden physical damage to the insured property.
  • Deterioration of goods due to contamination by refrigerant, as a result of physical damage to the refrigeration installation.
  • The deterioration of goods due to sudden and unforeseen interruption of the public power supply, at the terminal ends of the supply authority’s service feeders at the premises.
  • Contamination and pollution of wine stock.