N$1 insurance

N$1 madness from the king of insurance

In a nutshell

Your car and motorbike aren’t the only things in your life that need insurance. Sooo… When you comprehensively cover them with the king of insurance, we’ll give the same cover to some of your other favourite possessions… For just $N1 a month! Yup, that's right... N$1 a month! At King Price, we know that cash is king, so we're here to save you more money each and every month. What's there to think about?

What’s covered by N$1 insurance

The king’s N$1 madness includes cover for your:

  • Bicycle.
  • Golf clubs.
  • Hunting rifles.
  • Motorbike gear.

How N$1 insurance works

If you have comprehensive car cover with the king you can choose to insure your hunting rifles, golf clubs or bicycle for just N$1 monthly. And, as if that’s not enough madness, your car premium will still decrease monthly! Although, the premiums for these N$1 insurance items, understandably, won’t.

If you have royal comprehensive motorbike insurance you can link the N$1 insurance to your motorbike gear too.