Here’s how our insurance kingdom came to be

Once upon a time…

The desert kingdom of Namibia was ruled by a band of greedy fat cats. They forced the desert people to hand over large chunks of their wages every month in exchange for protection against the dangers along the unpredictable roads that criss-cross the land.

However, things were about to change.

The a-ha moment

Once upon a time…

Fuelled by the desire to bring fairness and prosperity to the land, the king of insurance found a way for the desert people to pay less. He questioned why the people had to pay the same car insurance premium every month when cars lose value every month. And so, he ordered car insurance premiums to decrease monthly.

The happily ever after

Today, his business model is characterised by agility and speed, powered by industry-leading tech, and run by a large team of noble Namibians to serve his clients and bring about real change.