Stated benefits and group personal accident insurance

Let the king of insurance protect your business family

In a nutshell

Having group personal accident cover is a great way of protecting your work family. King Price business insurance offers cover for bodily injury to your principals, directors, members and employees. It’s tailored to your business’ unique needs, on either an annual earning or limit of indemnity basis. You can also choose whether you’d like cover for stated benefits or group personal accident insurance… Or both.

  • Bodily injury to your principal, partner, director, member or employee stated on your policy schedule, where the injury’s caused by accidental, violent, external or visible means and results directly and independently (in the case of death/disability) within 24 calendar months of the incident.
  • Disappearance.
  • Exposure (injury caused by starvation, thirst or exposure to the elements).
  • Life support machinery.
  • Weekly earnings.
  • Annual earnings.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Temporary total disability.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Death.
  • Burns and disfigurement.
  • Business limitation.