Our values

The values we live by

In a nutshell

King Price is more than just a visionary company that's changing the way car insurance is done, 1 decreasing premium at a time... We're a force for good... And, we're a tightknit, fun-loving family.

Like any family, we have a few rules. But we really don't like rules so we call them values. And our values are more than just a bunch of words... They're a guide to loving what we do and doing what we love. Which, in a nutshell, is making a difference in the live of our clients, staff and business partners.

Customer is king

Yeah, yeah... Everyone says this. But we believe i and we live it. We treat all our clients like royalty... Because you are. We started off by promising royal service and we delivered. Really, we’ve won stuff for our royal service. We take service seriously. Your wish is our command.

Fun with a little madness

We believe that a fun workplace = a happy workplace, and that happy staff = happy clients. It's that simple! Look, we work really (really, really) hard but, if we're not having fun while we're doing it, we're doing something wrong. Smiles are contagious... And we really want to make you smile.

Courageous freedom

We don't think that anyone ever made a difference by playing it safe. So, we encourage our staff to find new and better ways to do, well, pretty much everything! And the rewards are real... For them, for us, and for you. Because everything we do differently means better cover and bigger savings for you.

Lean and mean

We look after our cents so that we can pass real Rand savings on to our clients. We're efficient, we find solutions fast, and we do things right the first time round. We innovate, we improve, we adapt. And we don't waste talent or time... Because it all adds up to us being the king of price.

Together we can

We aren't just another insurance company. We're a family... A bright, talented, passionate, committed, happy family. We put our heads, hands and hearts together and make things happen. We've even heard it said that we make magic happen... But we don't really like to boast.

Be real

We like our people the same way you like your royal savings... Real. We wouldn't have hired them if we didn't think they're all special to start with. But mostly, we love them because they're 1-of-a-kind. We do all we can to ensure that they like what they see when they look in the mirror... Because we sure do!

Live with purpose

Our business is insurance, but we're also in the business of making a difference. We don't just do it for the profit. We're here to change the world... For our clients, our country and our staff. We're all about paying it forward. We're here to leave a legacy... And we have fun while doing so!