Trailer insurance

Let the king hook you up with simple cheap trailer insurance

In a nutshell

Is expensive trailer insurance dragging you down? King Price can hook you up with affordable, comprehensive trailer insurance to cover you for the loss of, or damage to, your own trailer, as well as legal liability for damage to other people’s property caused by an incident that involves your trailer.

What we mean by ‘trailer’

A vehicle that can't be driven by itself and has to be towed by a car and which you use for social, domestic and pleasure purposes. This includes normal household trailers, campers, or custom-made trailers to carry your motorbike, jetski or boat… When you go on awesome adventures!

Optional insurance cover

We know you like to hit the trails with a loaded trailer. What else is your loyal wagon for? But that shouldn't mean loaded insurance premiums to cover its contents... King Price offers simple cheap trailer contents insurance! This covers you for the loss of, or damage to, your family's personal things that are kept in your trailer. As with the king's home- and caravan contents insurance, everything that would fall out if your trailer was turned upside down should be added to your trailer contents insurance cover.

Just remember, your trailer contents must be noted separately on your policy schedule, with a separate monthly premium… Otherwise it won't be covered.