king of insurance

Super cheap insurance

Get super cheap insurance, super fast! And the best part… It’s only going to get cheaper

king of insurance

Why choose King Price

We're the only insurer that decreases your premium monthly as the value of your car depreciates

king of insurance


You own it, we’ll cover it… From your car to your building to your caravan and so much more

Business insurance


The king covers all the stuff that you need to stay in business... We've got your back, your business and your bakkie

Specialised insurance

Cover tailored to your business’ every need

Personal insurance products

You own it... We'll cover it

Business insurance products

You own it... We'll cover it

Specialised insurance products

You own it... We'll cover it

Why choose King Price

Car insurance premiums that decrease monthly... And so much more

There's really only 1 rule when you entrust us to insure your agri business… Get your broker on board! To protect you, we only work through brokers who are qualified to advise best on your risks and needs. If you don't have a broker, no problem, we'll hook you up with a firm that ‘gets you' and your business.

Why we make sense

  • Super cheap premiums
  • Royal service... All the time, every time
  • Insurance by Namibians, for Namibians
  • 6 branches across Namibia
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Speedy claim pay-outs
  • The freedom to choose your own excess

Our happy clients

What our clients say about our super cheap insurance and our award-winning royal service

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