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At King Price we know that cash is king... So we're here to save you more money each and every month
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Price is king

Price is king

At King Price, we know that price is king, so we're here to save you more money each and every month. In the time it takes you to read this, your car’s value has dropped. It's worth less and less... So why do other insurance companies charge you the same premium every month? Not us... We DECREASE your car premium every month as your car loses value. We just think it makes sense.

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King Price No to no claim bonus

Say NO to 'no claim bonus'

Most insurance companies inflate your premium from the get-go… Just to give you back some of your own money as a ‘no claim bonus' later (and that's only if you're lucky). The king of insurance says ‘NO!' to this bogus bonus and all the other insurance sales pitches. We'd rather let all our clients enjoy the benefit of super cheap premiums that decrease monthly.

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How our decreasing premiums work

This is a first for the Namibian insurance industry, so we're sure you've got questions... Fire away!

‘Okay... Will my premium go up at the end of the year?'

Yes, your premium will increase every year. You see, there are some factors that not even the king can control. Like the rising costs of repairs and replacements, neither of which are linked to the value of your car.

But, we promise to fight to keep your increase as low as possible, and it'll only happen once a year. Straight up. No funny business.

Even with this annual increase, you can see from the graph below that the longer you have a policy with us, the more your premium maintains a steady downward trend.

King Price pricing model vs traditional insurance pricing model

KP_Website_PricingModel King Price pricing model N$ 900N$ 800N$ 700 N$ 600N$ 500N$ 400N$ 300N$ 200N$ 100N$ 0 1 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 Average car insurance premium Months on cover Annual increase cycle Keeping clientslonger Traditional insurancepricing model N$29,349 Total premiumover 36 months N$23,520 Total premiumover 36 months N$5,829less (20%) Now THAT ' s impressive!

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