Machinery breakdown insurance:

Business interruption

With King Price business insurance, you’ll always be open for business

In a nutshell

All businesses rely on some form of equipment and most insurers cover this. However, some insurers forget to cover the financial loss that businesses can suffer if this machinery breaks down and your business activities are interrupted. With the king’s cover, your gross profit, gross rentals and increase in cost of working are insured… As long as the machinery that breaks down is also insured with us.

  • Financial loss due to the interruption of, or interference with, your business activities following an incident causing loss or damage to any machinery that's covered by the king’s machinery breakdown section; noted on your policy schedule, and used by you at the premises for the purpose of the business.
  • Gross profit (on a difference or additions basis).
  • Gross rentals (limited to a loss of gross rentals and an increase in cost of working).
  • Additional increase in cost of working.