Electronic equipment insurance

Cutting-edge insurance cover for all your electronic items

In a nutshell

The latest device, the newest app, constant updates… Keeping up with technology is a lot to worry about, without also stressing about insuring the electronics that keep your business efficient in this digital world. The tech-savvy king of insurance gives you peace of mind... If anything goes wrong with your computers, licensed software, scanners, and printers, the king’s got you covered. You can choose to insure consequential loss, or material damage… Or both.

  • The physical loss of, or damage to, the insured property noted on your policy schedule (as long as the cause isn’t excluded).
  • Cover as noted on your policy schedule.
  • Partial loss (we'll pay to get your electronic equipment back in working order).
  • Total loss (either replacement value or market value, according to King Price’s terms).
  • Architects' and other professional fees.
  • Clearing costs.
  • Express delivery and overtime.
  • Increased cost of working.
  • Reinstatement of data/programs.
  • Telecom (or similar service provider’s) access lines.
  • Non-forcible and violent entry into a vehicle.
  • Incompatibility cover.
  • Riots and strikes.