Scratch and dent insurance

Acci-dents happen… Which is why you need insurance that’s up to scratch

In a nutshell

Keep your 4-wheeled wonder sleek, shiny, and dent-free with our scratch and dent insurance. This covers minor repairs to the exterior of your car. You know the kind… Parking lot dings, tar flecks, and those oh-so-annoying and mysterious scrapes that ‘just’ appear.

Frequently asked questions about scratch and dent insurance

Small chips

In a 12-month period we'll pay an unlimited number of claims (max N$3,000 per claim). Remember, each claim requires a N$250 excess.

Minor dents

Got a minor dent (less than 15cm in diameter) on your ride? We’ll cover it! The only thing we won’t cover, though? If a part of the body panel has been ripped or torn.

Minor scratches

Remember what we said about minor dents? Well, then this might hit you with some déjà vu… Just like with minor dents, we’ll cover minor scratches as long as they’re smaller than 15cm in diameter. And if any part of the body panel has been ripped or torn? Unfortunately, we won’t cover that. (Sorry.)

Tar removal

What’s that? Unlimited tar removals? You betcha! We’ll help you get out of a sticky situation in next to no time.


Hail is all good and well until that gentle ‘tap-tap’ turns into an explosive ‘smash’. We’ll repair damage caused by hail, once in a 12-month period. If your car’s insured with the king, and you’ve included cover for hail damage, you can choose which insurance to claim from.

Mags and rims

Put the ‘mag’ back in ‘magnificent’ with a little help from the king! If your mag wheels and wheel rims are damaged, we’ll repair it. If they’re so damaged that they can’t be repaired, that won’t be covered, though.

  • Repairs not listed under ‘What's covered by the king'.
  • Repairs to pre-existing damage, including rust and any other gradually developing causes.
  • Repairs that are done without our written permission or that aren't done by our authorised service providers.
  • Single claims that exceed N$3,000.
  • The replacement of body panels or parts thereof, or repairs due to the replacement of body panels or parts thereof.
  • Damage to accessories, door mouldings, window mouldings, and beading.
  • Damage to tyres and stickers.
  • Any depreciation in value due to repairs.
  • Repairs that are done outside of Namibia.


You can't accumulate damage… You need to claim per incident.

Selective repairs

Unfortunately, you can’t choose to only have some damage repaired. All damage will be considered when repair costs are calculated.


If you sell the insured car, you won’t be able to transfer this policy to the new owner or your new car. You’ll need to take out a new policy.