What excess is

At King Price, we keep excess simple

In a nutshell

If you’ve compared car insurance quotes online, you’ve probably come across the term ‘excess’. But what does this mean?

Well, simply put, your excess is the first amount you need to pay in the event of a claim. It’s payable by you (the policyholder) to your insurer and in some cases, you may get it back once your claim’s been finalised.

To make our excesses simple for our clients, we’ve restructured our insurance excess amounts to make your universe a brighter, easier, and cheaper place.

Best of all, with us you get to choose the basic car excess that suits your pocket and preference. The higher the excess, the lower your monthly premium and vice versa.

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The king’s excess summary

* We allow you to choose the excess that best suits you. But remember, the lower your excess, the higher your premium.
Basic excess
Car: Basic excess (you choose) N$1,500 - N$27,500*
Car: Factory-fitted radio (not specified) Basic
Car: Specified radio N$750
Car: Window replacement (excluding panoramic glass) N$750
Car: Window chips No excess
Motorbike: Basic excess N$2,750 or 10% of claim value
Motorbike: Theft of keys N$500
Caravan N$2,500
Trailer N$2,500
Specified portable possessions N$500 or 5% of claim value
Unspecified portable possessions N$500
Buildings N$1,500 minimum, N$4,500 maximum or 5% of claim value
Home contents N$1,500 minimum, N$4,500 maximum or 5% of claim value
Additional home contents cover N$400
Please note: The combined excess for a motorbike claim will never exceed 40% of the agreed value.
Additional excess
These are to be paid per incident, over and above your basic excess, if applicable:
Car: If the incident driver isn’t the regular driver and is younger than 25 years OR has had a driver's licence for less than 2 years N$4,500
Car: If the incident occurred outside of Namibia and the car isn’t drivable N$7,500
Car: If the incident occurs in the first 3 months of cover N$3,500
Motorbike: If the incident occurs in the first 3 months of cover N$3,500
Motorbike: If the named rider has a learner’s licence N$5,000
Motorbike: If there’s more than 1 claim for the same type of incident within any 12-month period N$2,000
Motorbike: If there’s no other party involved, or if the third party can’t be traced N$2,000
Motorbike: For an approved track school incident N$5,000