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Insure all the things that make your house a home

A house is not a home if you don't have the things that you love in it. That's why, when it comes to insuring your home contents, we have all your special stuff covered.

With just 1 click, you can place your home contents under protection of the king. It's that easy to enjoy super cheap insurance premiums, award-winning service, and the peace of mind that King Price's home contents cover offers you.

Quickly, click here for a quick, 2-step quote! Or fill in your details at the top of the page and, a member of the king's royal court will contact you ASAP.

In a nutshell... What's covered under home contents cover? Well, imagine turning your house upside down... Everything that would fall out will be included in your contents insurance (or, if you prefer to call it ‘household insurance'). The king covers you for damaged and stolen goods from your outbuildings (garage, storerooms, domestic quarters) too.

And don't forget your bling! Of course, the more valuable items, like jewellery and watches valued at more than N$35,000, must be specified separately and listed on your policy schedule. When you're not wearing them, these important items should be kept under lock and key in a secure safe. We'll also need you to supply us with valuation certificates for all items of jewellery valued at N$15,000 or more so that you're correctly covered.

Remember incorrect info = incorrect cover.

Not sure how much home contents cover you need? This handy inventory form will help.

Peace of mind is just a click away... Or, fill in your details at the top of the page and a member of the king's court will contact you ASAP. Place your home contents under the king’s protection and enjoy super cheap insurance premiums and royal service as part of the King Price family.