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Car insurance

Royal insurance for your car... With premiums that decrease monthly

In a nutshell

Ever wondered why your car insurance premium keeps going up and up, while your car's value keeps going down and down? It doesn’t make sense at all!

At King Price, we completely get that price is king, and we also like to do things the sensible way. That’s why we offer super cheap car insurance premiums that automatically decrease as your car loses value.

Crazy? Nope! It just makes sense to the king of insurance! And, we’re proud to say we’re the first insurer in Africa (and the world, as far as we know) to offer car insurance premiums that decrease.

What we mean by ‘car’

Any Namibian-registered motorcar or LDV (light delivery vehicle/car) as stated on your policy schedule… That’s NOT used for emergency services (including traffic control and armed response), law enforcement, towing, taxi purposes or the transport of fare-paying passengers.

Choose your excess

We’re the insurer of choice… We give you choices! You choose the excess amount that suits your pocket. It works a bit like a see-saw. The higher the excess you choose, the lower your monthly premium, and vice versa.

What is the excess? It’s the first amount payable in the event of a claim… Due by policyholders to insurers. So, please make sure that you can pay the amount you’ve chosen, if you ever need to.

You can also choose the cover you want

Comprehensive car insurance

This is the full package… It covers you for accident damage, theft or hi-jacking (and attempted theft or hi-jacking). It also covers 'oepsies' that you may cause to other people and their cars or property as a result of a car accident.

With the king’s comprehensive car insurance we’ve also got your back when it comes to hail damage, towing and storing, and damage due to wild animals, explosion, fire, earthquake, storm, flood, freezing or snow. Your car is under the king’s protection!

Third party, fire and theft car insurance

This covers you for fire, theft and hi-jacking (and attempted theft or hi-jacking), as well as for liability for injury to other people and damage to their property as a result of a car accident. Here, you’re not covered for accidental damage to your own car.

Third party car insurance

The king understands that some cover is way better than no cover at all. With third party only cover, the king’s got your back if you accidentally cause injury to other people or damage to their property as a result of a car accident.

Optional insurance cover

Shortfall cover

If your comprehensively insured car is financed by a financial institution (like a bank) at the time of it being written-off, stolen or hi-jacked, then shortfall cover pays any amount you may still owe the financer after we’ve paid out the value that’s stated on your policy schedule. Shortfall cover comes at a small additional premium but gives enormous peace of mind!

Sound equipment and other accessories

Want a little more bang for your buck? Well, if you have non-standard car sound equipment and accessories, let’s create a policy just for you… To cover your music, mags and other extras you may have added. Let us know and we can state this on your policy schedule and calculate a separate monthly premium for your added goodies.

Car hire

The king knows that when your car’s been stolen or damaged and needs repairs, you still need wheels to get around. With this optional cover, we make sure you have a rental car while your claim is being finalised, or for 30 days while your car is getting fixed. Let us know and we can state this on your policy schedule.

The king's benefits

Roadside assist

When you join our royal family, we've got your back! The king has you covered 24/7/365. Our emergency roadside assistance is always just a call away. So, please save our number on your phone now: 083 600 7000.

Your problem = no problem… You're in the king's safe hands!

Roadside rescue

If your car has a mechanical or electrical breakdown, 1 of the king's hand-picked towing operators will tow your car to the nearest place for repair or safekeeping.

Feeling a little let down

Flat tyre getting you down? You're covered for the labour cost of the tyre change, whether your flat happens on the road, at home or at the mall.

Left high and dry

Running out of fuel is inconvenient and can be dangerous. We’ll deliver 10l direct to your tank, just as quickly as we can. The drop-off is free but, sorry, the fuel isn’t.

There’s just no spark

A flat battery can drain your time and energy. Our royal battery technician will be with you in a flash, jumper cables in hand, to get you on the road again.

The key to your carriage

Unable to get into your carriage? Are the keys to your car so close and yet so far? If you lock your keys in your car (it happens!) our locksmith will be on his way soonest to liberate them. The king’s got you covered for the first hour of labour.

Breakdown far from home

Broken down with your home nowhere in sight? The king of price’s remote assistance has you covered! In the event of a breakdown more than 100km from your home, you're covered for 1 of the following:

  • Accommodation for the night.
  • A taxi-ride home.
  • Rental of a class B rental car, subject to the rental company’s conditions.