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Car Insurance Quotes

The king's car & motorbike insurance

Royal insurance cover for your coach

Ever wondered why your car insurance premiums keep going up and up, while your car's value keeps going down and down? That just makes no sense at all!

At King Price Insurance, we completely get that price is king, and we like to do things the fair and logical way. That's why we offer super cheap car insurance premiums that automatically DECREASE each month, as the value of your car or motorbike depreciates.

That's crazy!

Nope, that's King Price. And we're proud to say we're the first insurer in Africa to offer you this kind of insurance cover.

And since we're the insurer of choice, we'd like to give you a choice. We'll let you choose the excess that best suits your pocket (and driving style). Remember, the higher the excess, the lower your monthly premium, and vice versa.

Sounds pretty good, huh? To start saving on your car- and motorbike insurance now, click here for a quick, 2-step quote. Or, if it suits you better, you can submit your details at the top of the page, and 1 of the king's knights will get back to you quicker than you can say ‘super cheap premiums that decrease monthly.'

The king's car & motorbike insurance options

Your choice, our pleasure

You may choose to insure your car, or motorbike, for any 1 of the following options:

5 star comprehensive cover

King Price gives you the royal treatment with a 5 star, full-package deal that covers your wheels in almost any situation.
Our comprehensive insurance option gives you cover for damage caused due to an accident, theft or hi-jacking, as well as any damage that you might accidently cause to other people and their property.
And, even better news is that it starts off super cheap, and just gets cheaper and cheaper each month. Yup, the king automatically decreases your comprehensive premium each month as the value of your car or motorbike goes down. It's the way car insurance should be done, don't you think?

4 star third party, fire and theft cover

Less is more, but why pay more for less? Here King Price will cover you for theft and hi-jacking, as well as liability for injury caused to other people, and/or damage to their property, should you be involved in an accident. The only thing not covered under this cover option is accidental damage to your own car or motorbike. Other than that, the king has you covered.

3 star third party only cover

If pure and simple is what you're looking for, this is it. This option offers third party insurance that covers you for liability for injury to others, or damage to their property, should you ever be involved in an accident. Remember, some insurance cover is better than none.
Get the car- and motorbike insurance that suits you best, right now. Click to get a quick car insurance quote online, or submit your details above and a trusted member of the king's court will get back to you ASAP.

Optional insurance cover

Cover more. Pay a little more

Looking for a little more bang for your buck? Well, then let's get down to the details. If you have a few extra's that you'd like to cover, then let's create the policy that best suits your needs. For just a little more each month, the king can cover you for a whole lot more.

  • Car sound equipment and accessories.
  • Car rental.

Please remember that any extra cover for your car's sound equipment and accessories, or car rental, must be noted separately on your policy schedule with a separate monthly premium, otherwise it won't be covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's get the wheel rolling on your savings. Fill in your details at the top of the page, and 1 of the king's trusted knights will contact you faster than you can say ‘super cheap insurance that decreases monthly.'

In a nutshell...
By ‘car' we mean any Namibian registered car or light delivery vehicle (LDV). By ‘motorbike' we mean any Namibian registered motorbike. Cars and motorbikes used for emergency services (including traffic control, armed response cars and motorbikes), law enforcement, towing and taxi purposes are not covered by the king.

Roadside assist

When you join our royal family, we've got your back! The king has you covered 24/7/365 and our emergency roadside assistance is always just a call away. So, please save our number on your phone now: 083 600 7000.

Your problem = no problem, when you're in the king's safe hands.

King Price comprehensive car insurance clients qualify for emergency roadside assistance within Namibia's borders. This is limited to 3 incidents per year, per car that's stated on your policy schedule. Our remote assistance services are covered up to a maximum of N$500 per incident and must be arranged by us.

Roadside assist

1 of the king's hand-picked towing operators will tow your car to the nearest place for repair or safekeeping.

Flat tyre... Feeling a little let down

You're covered for the labour cost of the tyre change, at both roadside and non-roadside locations.

Run out of petrol... Left high and dry

In an event of a breakdown more than 100km from your home, you're covered for 1 of the following:

  • Accommodation for the night.
  • Taxi service to give you a lift home.
  • Rental of a class B rental car, provided that you have a valid credit card as per the rental company's conditions.

What’s NOT covered by the king’s roadside assist

  • Cars not listed and insured on your King Price policy schedule.
  • Motorbikes, even if listed and insured on your King Price policy schedule.
  • The cost of any parts that may be needed for repairs such as batteries, tyres, lubricants, keys, locks, etc.
  • The cost of any petrol that we may need to bring to you.
  • Towing or repairs that haven't been booked by King Price.
  • Commercial cars being used for business or trade.
  • Non-registered or unroadworthy cars.
  • Recovery of the car if extra help is needed to move it into an easier place to be towed from.