Light engineering

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In a nutshell

Light engineering companies typically manufacture consumer-facing products and the term refers to manufacturing that turns pre-fabricated goods into saleable products. In reality there are a huge number of potential types of light engineering, every industry in which products are produced (not service-based industries) will involve a degree of light engineering. Some potential light engineering sectors include: Toys and games, doors and shelves, home appliances, consumer electronics and shoes.

Target market

Light engineering cover

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  • Accounts receivable.
  • Acquisition of new business.
  • Architects & other professional fees.
  • Capital additions.
  • Cross liabilities.
  • Demolition & clearing costs.
  • Emergency medical expenses.
  • Employees' & visitors' property.
  • Fire extinguishing charges.
  • Gratuitous advice.
  • Labourers/contractors/employees omissions.
  • Load shedding power surges.
  • Locks & keys.
  • Loss of water.
  • Power surges & lightning strikes.
  • Property temporarily removed.
  • Public authorities' requirements.
  • Public supply connections.
  • Rent & alternative premises.
  • Security costs.
  • Skeleton keys.
  • Tenant's liability.
  • Tools of trade.
  • Unattached trailers.
  • Vehicle loads.
  • Water heating systems & pressurised pipes.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Business interruption.
  • Contents of liquid storage containers.
  • Damage to surrounding property.
  • Defective workmanship.
  • Deterioration of stock.
  • Explosions of boilers or pressure vessels.
  • Failure of electricity supply.
  • General liabilities.
  • Goods in the open.
  • Goods in transit.
  • Leakage by sprinklers, drenching systems of fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Machinery breakdown.
  • Malicious damage.
  • Motor: Passenger liability & unauthorised passenger liability.
  • Motor: Specified or fleet basis (deposit premium options).
  • Non-forcible & violent entry into vehicle.
  • Personal accident & stated benefits.
  • Protective brickworks & refractories.
  • Refrigerant & transformer/switchgear oil.
  • Riot & strike.
  • Security services.
  • Specified or unspecified suppliers, customers & sub-contractors.
  • Spread of fire.