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Why, how, and what's in it for you

So, we asked the question:

You know that your car loses value the moment you take ownership of it, right? And then it continues to lose value every month after that too.

So, we asked the question: Why keep paying the same premium every month to insure something that's worth less every month?

It just didn't make sense to us. We employed some seriously clever people to develop a system that enables us to offer car insurance with premiums that decrease every month... Super cheap premiums that decrease to match your car’s decreasing value. It's only fair, right?

But, you say, saving a few dollars every month... Ppfffftttt.

We say... Think compound savings. Think the multiplying effect of what Albert Einstein called ‘the eighth wonder of the world'.

Say your premium comes down by N$10 at the end of your first month with our royal family, and then by another N$10 at the end of your second month. Because your second month's premium was calculated at N$10 less than the first, you've actually saved N$30 after the second month... Not N$20!

After 12 months your compound saving would be N$660, and it would be N$6,300 after 3 years! (Not so ppfffftttt after all.)

Is that the sound of the penny dropping? If you're over being ripped off and are looking to save on your insurance the sensible way... Give us a call!

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Our pricing model vs. traditional insurance pricing models